777 Exchange Guide:

777 Token (777) is a platform built for profit accumulation. Our service allows you to exchange between your TT and 777, both ways. 777 is built to function without any 2nd or 3rd party control. All tokens are visible on main network and traceable for full transparency with no governance or overseeing institution involved.

For each token added or removed from circulation the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of TT. When people buy, your tokens are worth slightly more, when they sell, slightly less. The exchange handles this for you, no need to think about price!

STEP 1. Open Trust Wallet and visit the token exchange.

STEP 2. Click on on the ETH logo on the top right of your wallet view as shown below.

STEP 3. Switch over to ThunderCore Network.

STEP 4. Now the Web3 will inject and you can purchase 777 Tokens.

To encourage holding, we apply a huge token buy and sell fee of 10% each. These fees are distributed among 777 holders. Transfer and dividend withdrawal are free of transaction fee.

Also to reward active community members whom have atleast 1K (777 Tokens), we have an affiliate program were using

link you can invite your relatives, friends or event strangers to the platform. For any new users that joins the platform with your referral link you will receive 10% of every investment fees conducted from their investment forever.

Alternativly, You Can Use Metamask.

STEP 1. Open MetaMask And Switch to ThunderCore.

Follow This Guide

STEP 2. Click on the settings.

STEP 3. Add https://777Tokens.com/exchange in the connections.

STEP 4. You can now intercat and purchase 777 Tokens using metamask.

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